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Endorsing Paul Thurmond (again)

With the decision to re-open filing for the GOP field for Senate District 41, three candidates have entered the race: Wally Burbage, Walter Hundley and Paul Thurmond. Here's our take on the three Republican candidates.

Burbage lost a special election primary for the seat handily in the spring. We believe the voters' judgment upon his candidacy should apply to this race as well and it's hard to see how someone who loses in a landslide in the spring could prevail in a second race several months later.

Hundley won the special election primary, defeating three others, including Burbage, in the first round of voting and went on to defeat Democrat Paul Tinkler in the special general contest. He had promised to seek the seat in the special election, to serve as a place-holder until a permanent successor to Glenn McConnell could be elected in November. Now, he's not stepping aside.

The Blogland supported Paul Thurmond for this seat back in June before courts got in the way of the primary. Although there are new faces in the race, we stand by that endorsement:

While McConnell's thirty-two years of Senatorial experience will be difficult to replace, the choice for who will succeed him isn't. We're endorsing Republican Paul Thurmond to fill the vacant Senate seat in the Republican Primary ...

After serving on Charleston County Council, Thurmond ran in the Republican primary for the open First District Congressional seat two years ago. He lost to Congressman Tim Scott in the run-off, but in doing so, established himself as a quiet workhorse. While he has one of the state's most prominent political pedigrees as the son of the late United States Senator, he has chosen to promote his candidacies based upon his own merits instead of grabbing his father's contact list (which is more than we can say for the children of other noted SC politicos). We observed this when he first entered Lowcountry politics and he has continued this humble and honest approach since, which says much to us about Thurmond's character.

You can read the rest of the endorsement here. If you're in the district, please be sure to vote for him. If you know someone who does, ask them to support him. If you have time to spare, please help with his campaign.

The special primary election is Tuesday, September 18th and the general election will be held with the normal election in November.

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Endorsing Paul Thurmond (again)

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